2021 - 2022 our 60th season 

Binghamton Youth Symphony


An appreciation for music and basic classical education are key ingredients to musical success.  At Binghamton Youth Symphony, we promise to give you a learning experience that will develop your musical talents more than you have ever dreamed. 


Dear BYSO Member,

  For the past two seasons, BYSO has been unable to enjoy the pleasure of performing quality orchestral music on a regular basis.  I have missed the music and more importantly, I have missed seeing and working with the members of the orchestra.  BYSO has meant a lot to me as it continues to be important  to so many orchestra members.  I am pleased to announce that we will attempt to return as a performing ensemble this season.  I sincerely hope that you and the other orchestra members who have not graduated from high school will return to the orchestra this year. 

  As is the case in your schools, there will have to be protocols that we will have to follow.  Currently, the state requires that we wear masks, follow social distancing standards, and follow other directives as they are announced.  BYSO will follow these state directives.  Hopefully, this will ease some of the concerns you and your family may have regarding performing in a large ensemble.

  The rehearsal and performance schedule has been posted on our website.  You will notice that we will not start rehearsals until October.  This is designed so that you will have some time to get settled in school and your local music programs can become more organized before we start.  You will also notice that the structure of the concert season is somewhat altered.  The Winter Concert is in December rather than in January.  This is due to the later start as well as the addition of a special event that happens at the end of January.  The Binghamton Philharmonic has invited the Senior Orchestra to share a concert with them on January 30.  The concert will be at the Broome County Forum and will feature BYSO performing alone and with the Philharmonic.  The concert is a celebration of the life of the Fritz Wallenberg and his wife who established what is now the Binghamton Philharmonic.

  We have had two years without adding any new members to the orchestra.  We have also had two classes of graduating seniors.  As a result, we have many openings for players in both the senior and junior orchestras.  Please encourage your friends to consider membership in our orchestras.  You are the best recruiting tool we have.  Anyone interested in joining the orchestras should check our website for audition requirements and contact information needed to schedule an audition.

  BYSO is pleased to welcome Amelia Wilson to the program.  Ms. Wilson is currently the conductor of the orchestra at Vestal High School and has earned a reputation as a fine conductor and educator.  She will be conducting the BYSO Junior Orchestra.  I know that she will enjoy working with this orchestra and we will all benefit from her knowledge and musicianship.

  I am truly excited about returning as your conductor.  The thought of making music with you on a regular basis serves as an incentive for me to work even harder to make this ensemble as meaningful and musically rewarding as possible.  I sincerely hope you will return as an orchestra member.


                                                                                                       Barry Peters

                                                                                                       Director – BYSO Senior Orchestra